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The Good Schools Guide

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What The Good Schools Guide says…

The Good Schools Guide is widely regarded as an authoritative voice on British schools. It provides educational insights for parents, informed by teacher and pupil interviews, independent research and inspections. It's written by parents, for parents.

Highlights from the report


The school-wide recommendation of only nine academic GCSEs (with at least one other being artistic or creative) encourages a good balance between academic and extracurricular – as does lesson time between 8.30am and 4pm being sacrosanct, enabling an extra five hours a week for music, sport or dance.”

— Good Schools Guide 2017/18

Academic Life

Community service is a vital part of school life: pupils visit elderly people and help disabled children or teach pensioners how to use a computer; Make a Difference Day (MADD) sees every member of the college serving the community in more than 100 different activities, from cleaning beaches and clearing scrub to sorting clothes for charity.”

— Good Schools Guide, 2017/18

Brighton College GCSE results jump

Shining results. A 60/40 split arts/science at A-level; biology, chemistry, economics and maths are particularly popular (the latter taken by about two-thirds of the pupils). About a quarter take four A-levels.”

— Good Schools Guide 2017/18

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Pupils are thoughtful and articulate.”

— Good Schools Guide 2017/18

History, Values & Vision

Two hugely popular and innovative Sixth Form House competitions stem from the entrepreneurship programme and Strictly Come Dancing. The former gets academics and creatives developing a business plan together, each team competing to win £3,000 to commercialise their idea – previous winners have been a parking app and a device to stop babies knocking hot tea over. The biggest applause in Monday morning assemblies goes to most unconventional achievements.”

— Good Schools Guide 2017/18

The Arts Life