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Brighton College life

Younger co-ed pupils chatting on bench

Everything we do at Brighton College can be traced back to the desire to create a climate where pupils are happy. 

That's why we encourage young people to follow their curiosity and explore all aspects of school life. Our teachers inspire excellence in the classroom, our co-curricular activities enable pupils to immerse themselves in the arts and in a huge variety of sports and our social enrichment programme helps bring meaningful change to the world around us. 

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The leading co-educational school in England.”

— The Sunday Times

There's a rich vein of kindness and inclusivity running through the school.”

— Tatler Schools Guide

Britain's most forward-thinking school.”

— The Week

Happy and broadminded.”

— Good Schools Guide

Transforming education

Predicting the future is difficult, but preparing our pupils for their futures with a combination of critical thinking, creativity, public speaking skills, digital literacy and social awareness is something we can do.


Inspiring innovation: 10 ways Brighton does it differently


1. Everyday random acts of kindness

All pupils receive wristbands as a daily reminder to always be helpful and generous of spirit.


2. Mandarin from Nursery

We teach Mandarin from four years old, opening our pupils' minds to a broad world view.


3. Entrepreneurship programme

This initiative prepares pupils for life in a Dragon’s Den-style competition worth £10,000.


4. Presentation skills

The ability to speak publicly is a skill most jobs require. We nurture confidence and the skills to develop this in all our pupils.


5. Story of Our Land

This course tells the story of how the past shapes the present in Britain across history, geography, philosophy and religion.

Make a Difference Day on Sussex Downs.jpg

6. Make a Difference Days

These involve every pupil taking part in a charitable activity across Sussex, and are in addition to weekly activities that encourage pupils to use their time and skills to benefit others.


7. Skills beyond Brighton

We prepare all Sixth Formers for life beyond the school in a series of 'How To' sessions. These include areas as diverse as car maintenance, self-defence and cookery.


8. Creative Learning Centre

Our new Centre encourages pupils to engage with their subjects and surroundings in a creative and positive way.


9. Touch typing skills

As a part of our commitment to digital literacy, pupils learn touch typing at Brighton throughout their time here.


10. Mobile detox

The Third, Fourth and Lower Fifth Forms hand in their mobile devices at the start of each school day. We also implement regular 'Digital Detox' days for the entire school.


Forward thinking

"From its distinguished academic achievements to its pastoral care, Brighton is impressively forward thinking." - The Week, Independent Schools Guide