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The Sixth Form should be the best two years of your school life. There is freedom to pursue subjects that really excite you, you have more informal and rewarding relationships with teachers, and you make new friends - all whilst being guided towards the very best university outcomes for you (if that's what you would like to do).

97% A-levels graded A*-B in 2023

29 different qualifications offered

Joining our Sixth Form


Between 50 and 60 pupils join our Sixth Form every year, so there will be many in the same situation as you. Induction activities and social events ensure that everyone settles in quickly, and a mentor and your dedicated tutor will be on hand to help and advise every step of the way. Read more about our admissions process.


There is a huge amount on offer here, much of it to an exceptional level. But what I really like is that it is all done without a fuss.”

— Olivia Upchurch (Head of Sixth Form)

Better together


Our pupils achieve outstanding A-level results, meaning that they have a wide range of university options available to them.

This is due to the superb teaching they receive, and is helped by the way that pupils encourage each other to aim high and aspire to be the best they can be. Have a look at our most recent results.

Beyond Brighton

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When it comes to choosing the right university and getting you there, our programme of support is second to none. Numerous preparatory sessions and bespoke individual advice help to ensure that 85% go to Russell Group universities, with approximately a quarter of our applicants go on to study at Oxford or Cambridge. Read more about our university destinations.



Beyond A-levels, we have an exciting enrichment programme for pupils to explore. We aim to develop intellectually curious young adults who are prepared to play a full, active and positive role in society. Our Sixth Formers can be found taking leading roles in many of our 100+ co-curricular activities, organising social and charity events, directing plays, leading pupil committees and going on numerous trips.


The Brighton College co-curriculum encourages pupils to be outward looking, positioning pupils to see themselves as part of a wider global community.”

— Daisy Parkes (Assistant Head: Outreach and Partnership)




Every pupil is valued in our community where there are no stereotypes and where achievement, however small, is noticed. There is no Brighton College ‘type’. Our House system provides a supportive network of friends and staff, and well-being is at the centre of everything we do. Read more about pastoral life at the College.


I love running a House. Everyone is valued, individuals feel that they can be themselves, and all have a voice.”

— Jane Hamblett-Jahn (Director of Boarding)

Pastoral Care

Achievement and innovation

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A-levels are far from the only way in which intellectual development is encouraged. Every subject runs an extension programme and a ‘reading trip’, and pupils can choose to participate in a variety of academic societies. Similarly, all pupils complete a course in critical thinking, and entrepreneurship is a core part of the curriculum - culminating in an externally-judged annual competition.


Pupils are given knowledge as well as the skills to apply that knowledge. That's why our entrepreneurship programme is revolutionary.”

— Chris Chong (Head of Economics)

Boarding life


Living away from home offers a real stepping stone to university life. We have six modern houses, and this includes our first co-educational boarding house specifically for the Sixth Form, Alexander House. Read more about all our boarding has to offer.


Recently voted the happiest city in Britain, there can be few better places to study than Brighton.”

— Richard Worrallo (Director of Futures)

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